Moving house might be easier!

Written by Kate Ledger, Author and mum to Rori and Scarlett Buckey, 9

Hindsight, as we all know, is a very exact science, as was the scan that would change our lives forever. “How do you feel about two heartbeats?”, the sonographer said as she looked at my husband and me. My husband looked at me with brief confusion and wondered if she meant our baby had two hearts. Of course I knew immediately it was TWINS!

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A dad's perspective on expecting triplets

Written by Simon Wood, dad to Ava, Blakely and Lacey (2 mths) and Frankie (9), published in the AMBA Magazine
October 2017

A mix of emotions hits most of us when we're told that we're having multiples. From fear to excitement, and feeling completely overwhelmed. It's a rollercoaster ride. Simon shares his story of learning that his wife and he were expecting triplets and the emotions that surfaced during pregnancy.

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