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Adolescent Multiples

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Looking for information on adolescent twins, triplets or other multiples?

Multiple Birth Siblings as Adolescents.  A guide for parents of twins and higher order multiples.

This book is FREE for all members of ICOMBO, and this includes all member families of AMBA. Contact your local club to get a copy.

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Multiple birth siblings as adolescents front cover

Pub. 2016
29 pages
Published in School-aged multiples

My Twins' First Birthday

Paris Morris

This book describes how a 3-year-old girl named Paris comes to terms with the arrival of girl twins in the family. Paris shows her new sisters all about their birthday and understands that sometimes things are not always about her.

Suitable for 3-5 year olds.

My Twins First  Birthday

AU$15 (members)
AU$18 (non-members)     

Published in Childrens books

Multiple Birth Video Guide


Australian families talk about their experiences as they're happening, sharing their hopes and fears during pregnancy, the delivery of their babies, and the first few hectic months at home.

Topics covered include the practicalities, developing routines, seeking help, preserving relationships and coping with the effect on other siblings. Scenes include the actual delivery of twin babies, both vaginally and by Caesarean section. It's an honest and often moving account of what can be an overwhelming but ultimately wonderful experience.

Approximately 55 minutes in length. Available in DVD format.

Multiple Birth Video Guide DVDDVD

AU$20 (members)
AU$27 (non-members)  
Pub. 2001



Published in DVDs and Videos

In the Womb                

National Geographic

National Geographic explores the extraordinary, never-before-seen world of twins, triplets and quadruplets as they develop in utero. Using groundbreaking technology and amazing 4D ultrasound images, watch quadruplets as they develop and engage in their first interactions with each other.

Follow the stories of three expectant mothers from conception to birth and travel inside the womb to see the tiny foetuses begin to interact with each other

In The Womb

AU$35 (members)
AU$42 (non-members)

Pub. 2007

Approx. 90 minutes


Published in DVDs and Videos

Other publications that may be of interest for families with higher order multiples:

Published in Higher Order Multiples


Parenting Triplets

Australian Multiple Birth Association

This booklet gives advice and information about pregnancy and the care of triplet babies and children. Completely revised and full of delightful pictures, useful links and contacts for assistance and support.

Topics covered include:

  • preparing the family for the birth of triplets
  • Hospitalisation and birth
  • Bringing the babies home
  • Parents needs and emotions
  • Finances
  • Toddlers to preschool
  • Triplets at school
  • Returning to the workforce
  • Links, contacts and resources


AU$7 (members) 
AU$8.50 (non-members)

AU$6 per copy for orders of 10 or more (members)

AU$7.50 per copy for orders of 10 or more (non-members)

Pub. 1995, new edition 2012
92 pages


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Published in Higher Order Multiples

This double-sided leaflet has been prepared for parents who have experienced bereavement. It was written by a bereaved parent.

It is intended for couples who have lost one or more of their babies or children.

Link to download the Leaflet: Grieving Couples.


Published in Leaflets

This double-sided leaflet has been prepared by a bereaved multiple birth parent to offer suggestions to answer the question of "What can I do to help a member/friend who has experienced one or more of her babies dying?"

It is intended for AMBA clubs and members and for others who come into contact with the mother who is grieving. 

Link to download the Leaflet: Helping the Grieving Mother.


Published in Leaflets

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Published in Leaflets

Blank card with the following print on the front:
"Congratulations on your multiple birth"                                                                                                                            

With images of 2 babies in pink nappies and two babies in blue nappies.  

AMBA card and envelope

Published in Miscellaneous
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