Additional Needs

Welcome to AMBA's Additional Needs information page for families with multiples.

If you find yourself visiting this site, chances are you are currently experiencing your own personal roller-coaster ride, or know someone who is. Families with multiples are in an unusual position of often having one child leading the way and highlighting how different their sibling can be. Whilst it can be normal to develop at different paces, this can be quite confronting for some families when one child is significantly delayed.

Perhaps as time goes by, you have begun to notice some differences between your children. It is not uncommon for some conditions not to be evident at birth. If more than one of your children has additional needs, then you will have an extra workload which is not experienced by many in the community.


The aims of AMBA's additional needs service are:

  • To connect families in similar circumstances
  • To offer support during challenging times
  • To help families process the information given to them which may be contributing to confusion
  • To provide empathic, friendly support

There is also the Facebook group Multiple Birth Families Special Needs Support which offers supportive community for Australian parents of multiples (twins/triplets or more) who have one or more children with additional needs on Facebook.  This group is proudly supported by AMBA, the Australian Multiple Birth Association.  

For more information, please contact the Additional Needs Support Officer.