Support for Dads

Have you ever asked yourself, "How can I be a great Dad?"

With dads becoming more hands on than ever before, men of today are looking into information for parenting and relationship tips from a dad's point of view. This natural evolution of both parents being able to be involved has created a whole new genre of reading, tips, support, insights, mental health, mateship and much more just for the dads to get truly involved in helping raise their kids.

From this genre, a new culture has emerged of men who are happy to communicate and share their experiences of parenting from those who already are, or have yet to become, becoming a dad of multiples.

So to help you on your journey, we have compiled a list or resources below that we are sure will help shed some light on your own journey. Welcome to the Dads Zone!

Tony said, "When my wife and I found out we were expecting triplets I started to get everything organised for their arrival, the first thing was to join our local AMBA club in Canberra.  Eight years on we're still members and love the ongoing support as we navigate the school years."

Can you help AMBA and clubs to help other fathers?  It can be as simple as connecting with your local club to see if you can be a support contact for dads, to run an event for dads or get involved with AMBA to help grow the resources on this page and more.

Neil said, "I think AMBA should be an essential prerequisite for anyone having (or had) multiples. The practical advice from others who have multiples has saved our sanity on more than one occasion. Linking in to our local AMBA club before our boys arrived really made all the difference."