Multiple Birth Awareness Week 2020 - Better Together

Multiple Birth Awareness Week (MBAW) is a national Australian campaign to raise awareness around and draw attention to the unique realities for multiple birth families and how active advocacy, positive education and engaged communities can contribute to enabling positive health outcomes for our families.

15th to 22nd March 2020

Better Together

MBAW 2020 is "better together". In drawing attention to the unique realities for multiple birth families, it’s important that we consider the holistic community in which we live. While there is plenty of joy in raising twins, triplets or more and observing the special bonds and fun times, multiple birth families can face particular challenges that require unique solutions and varying interventions. 

For a family with multiples, managing these tougher times means arming yourself with resources and knowledge, enabling you to not only cope better as the family unit, but to engage in the best way possible with those around you who share your journey in various ways; e.g. health professionals, education providers, family members.

Being better together is about the strength of connection, both for families and for the Australian Multiple Birth Association in how it engages the community to serve families. While AMBA is the only national charity in Australia focused on improving the lives of twins, triplets or more and their families, with a mission to enable positive health outcomes, awareness and equality for multiple birth families through advocacy, education and community, this can only be achieved by developing strong relationships with trusted partners. 

Our goal for MBAW 2020 is to drive connection between multiple birth families and within our community, while fostering a stronger collaborative multidisciplinary approach with our allied organisations.

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