Organisational Structure

AMBA is a fully volunteer run not-for-profit organisation consisting of multiple birth families. With no paid staff, AMBA’s board, state/territory bodies and clubs are managed and operated by volunteer parents of multiples from all walks of life and experience.

In order for AMBA to achieve our goals and ensure we are delivering on our priorities, we need the support of our community of volunteers. We achieve all of our goals via an integrated structure between local clubs, state bodies, national working groups and the Board of Directors. AMBA's volunteers work to develop and implement a plan of action that will create a strong national organisation, better serving the needs of Australia's multiple birth community.


Governance refers to the processes, activities and relationships of AMBA that make sure we are effectively and properly run. Good governance is when AMBA has practices and procedures in place that help us to do our work effectively and openly, and when the roles and responsibilities of people in our organisation are clearly understood.

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Board of Directors

Volunteers who occupy a position on the Board are a vital part of the organisation, and are key to achieving successful national outcomes. AMBA directors play a critical part in ensuring our organisation achieves its outcomes, giving up their time to bring a wide range of skills to the oversight, management, fundraising and day-to-day operations of AMBA.

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State Bodies

State and Territory Committees exist to enable the achievement of AMBA goals and are a key liaison between the Board and member clubs.

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Local Clubs

Local clubs exist to directly support their member families. Clubs are the fabric of the AMBA organisation and are the key to servicing multiple birth families across Australia.

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