AMBA Board of Directors

Volunteers who occupy a position on the Board are a vital part of the organisation, and are key to achieving successful national outcomes. AMBA directors play a critical part in ensuring our organisation achieves its outcomes, giving up their time to bring a wide range of skills to the oversight, management, fundraising and day-to-day operations of AMBA.

The board is responsible for providing leadership and strategy. It also bears ultimate legal responsibility. Generally, boards delegate some of their responsibilities to staff or volunteers. However, there are some things that are usually reserved for the board such as appointing the most senior staff member(s), developing a strategic plan, considering how organisational risks should be managed and calling meetings of AMBA's member-clubs. 

Every charity is different and so are their boards. AMBA has identified these as our responsibilities:

ACCOUNTABILITY – making sure AMBA meets its obligations, manages its finances and operates transparently

STRATEGY – setting AMBA's long-term goals and making sure we pursue our charitable purposes 

RESOURCING – securing funding and other resources to support AMBA's work 

ADVOCACY – representing AMBA to the community and to our members

MONITORING – making sure AMBA is run as required under our governing documents and the law