AMBA Board of Directors

As a company limited by guarantee, AMBA is required by law to maintain a Board of Directors. The AMBA Board of Directors is a hybrid model of a typical board and an executive management team, known as a working board. Traditional boards are governing boards - you see those in larger charities with paid staff and in companies limited by guarantee, which is also what AMBA is. Governing boards work at a higher level, focused only on the big picture and they work as a collective body, delegating managerial tasks to paid staff within the organisation. AMBA directors are both, actually implementing those strategies ourselves. AMBA's federated member-club model requires our board to take on all roles of providing leadership and strategy, setting and maintaining vision, mission and values and ensuring compliance with governing documents.

AMBA has more than the average number of directors due to our hybrid model and broad areas of responsibility. Directors make both strategic and operational decisions, with some directors focused purely on management activity such as communicating expectations to our member-clubs and volunteers; managing day-to-day operations and program implementation.

All AMBA directors are internal to our organisation, are members of their local club and are volunteers.  

Every charity is different and so are their boards. AMBA has identified these as our responsibilities:

ACCOUNTABILITY – making sure AMBA meets its obligations, manages its finances and operates transparently

STRATEGY – setting AMBA's long-term goals and making sure we pursue our charitable purposes 

RESOURCING – securing funding and other resources to support AMBA's work 

ADVOCACY – representing AMBA to the community and to our members

MONITORING – making sure AMBA is run as required under our governing documents and the law