Cathryn Zischke
Finance & Company Secretary

Ipswich MBA

The Finance Director manages the financial affairs of the company through accurate account-keeping and providing financial management services. The portfolio also assumes the role of Company Secretary.

Cathryn joined her local AMBA club when she found out she was expecting her twins, who are now in primary school!  Cathryn and her husband also have an older daughter and can’t wait to see what the next stage in their journey will bring!  She is looking forward to being able to dedicate some more time to the family business which she helps to run, and also holds a Bachelor of Science.

Cathryn enjoys being able to help out and give back to other multiple birth families in the same way as she was supported in the early days.

She currently volunteers her time at a national and local club level, and also for the P&C Association at her children's school.