Fiona Lally

Eastern Area Multiple Birth Association (EAMBA) & Diamond Valley Multiple Birth Association (DVMBA)

Fiona joined Eastern Area Multiple Birth Association (EAMBA) in the first trimester of pregnancy with fraternal triplets Zac, Isabelle and Ashton in 2015. At the time Fiona and her husband had a 1 year old daughter Zara.

Fiona joined the EAMBA committee in 2016 and has held various roles including HOM Support, Publicity Officer, Social Events Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator and Vice President. In 2017 Fiona became the AMBA Vic President and assisted with special resolution to dissolve AMBA Vic Inc. in 2020 and is currently a member of the AMBA Vic Sub-Committee. In 2019 Fiona also joined Diamond Valley Multiple Birth Association and has assisted with fundraising efforts for the club.

Fiona was recognised at the AMBA Appreciation Awards in 2018 with the Local Individual Award and the 2020 AMBA Vic Imagine Possibilities Award.

In her working life, Fiona is a Registered Nurse and has a Master of Health Professional Education, she has a passion for educating nursing students at a tertiary level and novice learners across CPR & First Aid management.